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3 Super Avant-garde Kids Fashion Coats

Girl’s coat is essential in every season.They protect your girls from the rain, the wind and the snow. A lightweight hooded jacket is ideal for rainy days. Winter is coming, a cotton-padded clothes can keep the girls comfortable and warm in winter. As a mother, you will want to choose the right wholesale kids coats for your baby, comfort, leisure and warmth are all essential, if you do not know how to choose the right one, and do not know where to start, then from now on the wholesale girls coat shopping trip!

  1. Rainbow Coat for Girls

    kiskissing wholesale kid girl rainbow coat

    I like this style like loose and comfortable version very much. It is casual and high-grade, with the classic high collar is fashionable. The color on the clothes is also the finishing touch.The color is bright and warm, fashionable and foreign. Your baby must be a warm little princess in this coat. Here are 5 sizes to choose for you girl, 2-3Y/3-4Y/4-5Y/5-6Y7/7-8Y.

  2. Fleece Ear Hooded Coat for Kids

    kiskissing wholesale kid pocket front fleece ear hooded coat

    This is a Korean-style cashmere coat, available in a variety of colors, so you don’t have to worry about the cold winter. The hooded ears look small and cute. As you can see there are two large pockets on the coat for small toys and edible candy, 5 sizes for you to choose from: 3-6M/9-12M/12-18/2-3Y/3-4Y, so not only fit for baby, but also for kids.

  3. Fashion Kid Girl Bowknot Coat

    kiskissing wholesale fashion kid girl bowknot coat

    This is the girl coat of a super lady, British style, as well as cotton fabric, avant-garde V collar below with a bow. I believe your girl is very good-looking after wearing it, a little older girls will feel much temperament, the front 4 are with metal buttons, simple atmosphere fashion sense. It is also very versatile, it can be worn with a half skirt, trousers and so on.
    There is another color: pink, also looks so fashionable, 5 sizes to choose: (2-3Y/3-4Y/4-5Y/5-6Y6-7Y).

These three unique girls’ coats are hot this year, and there are thousands of other styles for you to choose from. In addition to coats, clothing supplier Kiskissing have women clothes, boys clothes r and men clothes, family clothes.